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Singing lessons

Vocal Technique and Expression

Individual singing lessons, in presence and online, for all levels.

Finding your Voice

The study of singing is a creative process aimed at developing theown voice and make it a means of musical expression.

A singing school

The contents of the course are modulated in accordance with the interests and development of student's voice. They include the didactic paths necessary for a complete training - vocal and musical - and are integrated, for those who wish, with group study activities proposed at least three times during the year.

An integrated path

The working method is characterized by the integration of multiple aspects useful for the development of a healthy and expressive vocality.

In particular:

-Breathing technique;

-Posture for singing and body awareness;

-Vocal workout: for the development of registers, intonation and dynamic control;

-Vocalilises and "Classical Singing": from classical music exercises for technique, listening and memorization - (mainly Panofka, Vaccaj, Parisotti);

-Repertoire: the progressive construction of a well-finished repertoire, with instrumental accompaniment and bases.

...and more: Recitals and Workshops

During the year, students are offered at least three moments of group work: sometimes they take the form of an essay with the public, others of a workshop restricted to those attending the course.

+ Here you will find recordings from some essays by the students.

...and more: Music Training and Performance Preparation

It is possible to combine vocal study with other elements of musical knowledge such as theory, solfeggio, ear training, harmony and instrumental accompaniment. The study may include support for the preparation of auditions, showcases, admission exams to Conservatory courses in Pop/Rock, Jazz and Classical singing.

For information

call me at +39 3398691776, or write me via the page contacts

The teacher

Click here for my short biography and complete Curriculum Vitae


Studio in Via del Parco 18/2 40138 Bologna and online (Skype, Zoom, etc.)


In presence and online (skype, zoom, etc.)

-Free Trial Meeting;

- Individual lesson, with weekly frequency: 30 Euros.

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